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About the Clark County Square Dance Center

By 1977, interest in square and round dancing had been on the rise for several years and attendance at square dances in Clark County had been increasing. Dances had begun to outgrow the available space at local Grange Halls and community centers. Those halls are usually booked far in advance for a multitude of other events. It became increasingly difficult for the square dancers to reserve suitable halls for special dances with large attendance. A search for suitable dance facilities elsewhere in the area was unsuccessful. Something had to be done.

That year, local square dancers formed a shareholder corporation to construct a large square dance center in country surroundings where many activities could take place and with square and round dancing taking precedence over other uses.

Ground-breaking began at the site in July, 1978. Square dancers with a background in building construction and other skills volunteered their time to oversee the work, much of which was done by square dancers. The first "unofficial dance" was held on an August afternoon when the volunteer crew laid down their hammers to take a break after completing the subfloor.

The hall was substantially completed in December of that year, and a Grand Opening square dance ball was held on January 21, 1979 to celebrate the center's completion. Several clubs began to hold their regular dances and lessons at the center, with rental for the hall primarily paying for expenses and debt retirement.

The facility enjoys regular attendance by club dances and special dances, usually on Saturday evenings, and square dancing lessons on certain nights. Click the link on our home page for Local Square Dancing activities and times.

We would be pleased to work with you to schedule an available time for your next group event, perhaps a wedding/reception, a dance, party or reunion. The facility is excellent for church services, schools, meetings, lessons, seminars, aerobic classes, dancing lessons, dinners, celebrations, and other events, whether part-day, evening, or full-day. During July and August the hall is often available for full-day events on Saturdays.

The Clark County Square Dance Center invites you to consider this attractive and well-equipped facility as a venue for your upcoming activity. Take the "virtual tour" on our home page, and contact our manager at (360) 256-5049 for available times and other rental information.

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This page last modified: October 28, 2007