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Would this facility be suitable for my event?

The Clark County Square Dance Center is suitable for many types of events, including Dances, Training Classes, Schools, Church Services, Weddings and Receptions, Anniversaries, Meetings, Programs, Reunions, Parties, Exhibits, Flea Markets, and more.

Whether this facility would be suitable for your event depends on the nature of your event, what your space requirements are, what amenities you require, how many people will attend, and the hours of use, to name a few. Our manager will be happy to assist you with your plans.

When is the Center open for viewing?

Please call us at (360) 256-5049, and arrange to meet with our manager to view the Center at a convenient time for you. In the meantime, be sure to take the Photo Tour on this web site.

Do you post an availability calendar?

Not at this time. Call us or send us an e-mail, listing the date or dates you are interested in. We will make every effort to accommodate you. Some bookings are for less than 8 hours, meaning that we may still be able to fit you in on dates that are otherwise booked!

Do you post your rental rates?

Not at this time. Rental rates vary depending on the day of the week and month of the year, and type of event, whether one-time or repeating. Our manager will be happy to quote a rate appropriate to your event. You'll have more choices and save money if you can schedule your event for a weekday, as weekend bookings fill up quickly.

Do you require certain caterers for food/beverage service?

No. If you are having your event catered, you may choose your own caterer, or we will be happy to recommend one. Our kitchen has two refrigerators for food storage during your event, and two ranges with ovens for heating food.

Do you provide tableware, china, cookware, serving dishes, and table linens for food/beverage service?

No. If you are having your event catered, we suggest you ask your caterer to provide those items, or if you are providing food service yourself, you will need to bring these items and remove them afterward for cleaning. We do not have dishwashing facilities that meet commercial food service requirements, nor laundry equipment for table linens. If your event is informal, you might choose to provide disposable paper, foam, or plastic food and beverage service accessories.

Can alcohol be served/consumed here?

Yes, but there are restrictions as to how and where it may be served within the Center. Rental fees are higher for alcohol use, and we require you to provide liability insurance that includes alcohol liability coverage for our protection during your event. There is also a strong liklihood that extra cleaning fees will be charged should alcoholic beverages be spilled in the Center during your event.

During what hours can I have my event?

You may hold an event anytime during daylight hours and evenings until midnight. You must have the facility cleaned and your decorations and personal items removed, with tables and chairs returned to their original position by the closing time stated on your contract.

What if I need extra time to set up for my event or to clean up afterward?

We suggest you consider this when planning your event. If you need extra hours before or after your event, our manager will work with you to plan extra time at a fixed hourly rate.

How many people will the facility accommodate?

The maximum capacity is about 600 persons for a seated event (without tables) or about 350 persons seated at tables.

The main hall area for meetings, parties, dancing, etc. measures 60 feet by 90 feet.

What amenities are included?

Included in your rental is the use of our chairs and tables, kitchen, stage, storage rooms, restrooms, coat room and the main hall area. You may arrange with our manager for the use of our installed sound/speaker system at no additional cost for connecting to a microphone or pre-recorded music, or you may provide your own sound system.

Also at no additional cost, you may arrange with our manager to use our four decorative pillars for special events such as weddings. We can also provide a US flag if desired for your event. A large-capacity electric coffee maker is also available in our kitchen for your use.

We provide paper hand towels in the restrooms, hand soap, garbage can liners, dust mops and brooms for cleaning the floors and a vacuum for cleaning any soiled carpets.

Do you provide overnight RV parking for two-day events?

Yes. Overnight RV parking is available on-site for dry camping (no water, electric, or sewer hookups available) at a nominal fee per vehicle during multi-day events at our facility.

Talk to our manager about your specific RV parking requirements. Rainy-season restrictions may apply.

What are the terms and conditions of use?

Rental fees must be paid in advance in order to secure your booking. A refundable cleaning/damage deposit and written proof of liability insurance in the renter's name must be provided to us, preferably one month prior to your event, before we will allow access to the facility.

During your use of these facilities you are responsible for all cleanup and for loss or damage to the Center and its ameneties, and for the behavior of those in attendance. By the end of your rental period, you must restore the Center to the condition in which it was released to you, and you must promptly return all keys issued to you.

Our manager will review with you these and other conditions of rental at the time of booking and at the time the keys are issued to you.

How do I obtain the required liability insurance?

You may purchase such insurance from any reputable insurance company, or if you are homeowner, you should be able to obtain a one-time-event-liability rider on your existing homeowners or other liability insurance policy. Your cost for such insurance will depend on how your insurer views your event as a liability risk. Explain to your insurance agent that your proof of insurance must identify you, the renter of our facility, as the "named insured", and must identify the Clark County Square Dance Center as "additional insured party" for the date and time of your event. If your event will involve alcohol use, your liability insurance policy must also stipulate that alcohol liability coverage is included.

What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel a booking at any time. However, your rental fees will be refunded only if you cancel your booking within 30 calendar days after signing the rental agreement. If you cancel 30 days after booking and we are able to secure another rental for the same time and date as your cancelled booking, your payment will be refunded. In the unlikely event we have to cancel your booking due to an unforseen problem with the facility, we will refund your payment in full.

If you paid your rental fees by check, we will wait up to 30 days for your check to clear before issuing any refund.

What form of payment will you accept?

We will accept cash, personal check, corporate check, cashier's check, or money order. At this time we are not set up to accept Credit Card or Debit Card payment or electronic transfers.

What about decorations?

You are permitted to decorate the interior of the hall, but there are reasonable restrictions as to the type of decorations, their location, and the manner in which they are installed. Our manager will explain these restrictions at the time of your booking.

Can I reserve the facility over the phone?

The only way to guarantee your reservation is to meet with our manager, sign a rental agreement, and pay the rental fees in full. However, you may request by phone that we hold a date for you for no more than seven days in order to allow time for you to meet with us and sign a rental agreement. If, in the meantime, another party requests the same date that you desire, we will tell them that there is a hold request for a tentative booking. And we will contact you to advise that another party desires your requested time and date. You must then meet with us and complete your booking immediately or lose your "hold" request.

When will my cleaning/damage deposit be refunded?

Your deposit will be refunded no sooner than ten days after you have returned the keys to us following your event. If you paid the deposit by check less than 30 days prior to your event, we will wait up to 30 days for your check to clear before issuing any refund.

Your cleaning/damage deposit will be refunded in full if there has been no loss or damage to our property and if you have thoroughly cleaned the facilites, and returned stored items to their original location as found.

If any of our property becomes lost or damaged during your use, we will deduct the cost of repair or replacement from your cleaning/damage deposit. If you leave the premises without cleaning the kitchen, restrooms, entry area, or any part of the main hall, then we will clean the facility to its original condition, and a housecleaning charge of $100 per hour will be deducted from your cleaning/damage deposit.

Is your facility wheelchair-accessible?

Yes. The main floor of our building, including the restrooms, is wheelchair-accessible. Designated handicap parking is provided near the building in our parking lot.

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This page last modified: March 5, 2011